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Grid or Utility Network transports electricity to end users or distribution stations. End users may be residential households, small/medium/large business buildings, agriculture endpoints as well farms or pivots. Parts of the Utility network are used as High Voltage networks, to transport and from commercial plants who are producing energy. These plants can be Renewable Energy area's nowadays with PV or Windmills.

A Utility meter measure the power you consume in kilo-Watt-hours. These meters are unidirectional meters. There are also bidirectional meters, which are able to measure the power consumed and the power returned. A bidirectional meter is required when you connect your PV installation on the grid, also named On-Grid. Your inverter should then comply with UL 1741.

That's a lot of work to set up a dictionary, prior to Renewable Energy in general, but focused on the industry for solar applied purposes. This dictionary will grow, week by week. Keep posted.