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Single Pole Seasonable

Do you want space in your backyard and put it where you like?

The panels are facing to the Sun, however as the position of our planet changes seasonally to wards the sun, we have to change tilt.

We are able to adjust tilt in accordance to the season. Also, we might have the opportunity to move the panels more east or west during the season, depending of your latitude. The production will be more increased.

No penetration on your roof means no leaks, no engineering or construction matters if the roof will hold your panels.

Easy accessibility for inspection, cleaning and if necessary repair.

A single pole can be installed in a couple of days, due to simplicity and preparation up front.

We recommend that these type of single pole systems are equipped with a maximum of 8 PV-panels. This has to do with wind force and foundation. We can always go bigger, but it will not make sense to the business case, unless you go for commercial use.

There is a variety of PV-panels on the market, however 60 or 72 cells are mostly used. With a PV-panel capacity of 200-350 Wp, you can achieve 2.5 kW peak per single pole.  

These systems can be equipped with micro-, string or a hybrid inverter(s).

For private use you can equip the system with batteries for backup or even for 24/24 use of eco-power.

A single pole installation can be hooked, on-grid, off-grid or both.

A survey is always required to build an effective, but most of all an efficient system within your boundaries. We always go for maximal energy production. To achieve your and our goals, we have to undertake a survey to figure out a well engineered design.

Energy Harvest #

The Energy Harvest numbers are related to typical installations. A static installation, like on a rooftop might be less expensive. However the PV-panel energy production is proportionally to its type of racking and inverters…

In our cases, we use the following numbers:

#1: basic harvest (eg. sloped rooftop)

#2: better harvest (eg. flat rooftop)

#3: good harvest (eg. adj. multi pole)

#4: maximal harvest (eg. adj. single pole)

#5: optimal harvest (sun tracking single pole)



PV Installation