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Our shop online should be a positive experience, right?

To deliver a good product, we test it. With the experiences of the past, we know, that not all products are performing or at least working as it should be. Also, the PV-industry or Electrical regulations are not carved in stone, which means changes coming up all the time. In case a change and it may impact your system, we will inform you. During the building process we take care of it.  

The online shop is our window to show you, what we have in portfolio or can be made to order. We do not operate as a wholesaler but as a dealer. We add value, due to integrating, testing and validating products and systems. Our packages or configurations are well documented and ready to install, by you or us.

We, at REESSE Solar, would like to emphasize the following:

#1. We take care of our customers! But we realize that worse or no communication, will make no party or person happy..

#2. Before we can sell you anything, we should be, up to date, what you want. Which means, to finalize any order, you have to fill in our R.F.I. (Request for Information) with or without our support. We do not sell magic.

#3. All our PV-installations, Battery systems, Power Inverter systems are pre-tested. Products will never leave our workshop with the necessary product information, performance numbers and installation manual, signed by one of our certified technicians. We only sell working products.

#4. Any installation or system ordered online, for a "Build It Yourself" purpose, can be picked up or delivered by our transport service only.

#5. You may always compare our products or parts with the competition, however that does not mean that results will be equal. Our value added services of pre-mounting, pre-testing or certain improved modifications are never a part of the product, you think you are comparing.

#6. All products in our installations or systems do have necessarily certifications from competent body's like UL, ANSI, CTEK, CEC, IEC or equivalent. In case a product in one of our configurations is not certified, this will be explicitly stated in the manual and explained why it is not certified. In cases, where a thorough inspection may be held, in your PV-installation or Inverter-system, we can support you with the necessary documentation, if required.

#7. Our online sales are pre-paid.

7.1 We will not be held liable for any modification, alteration, change in systems, build yourself installations, implementations or any other type of job executed by yourself or someone else.

#8. Our project-based works, or any work by REESSE solar, may consist of a range of installations. For each installation is a pre-payment required, unless otherwise agreed.

#9. Any project-based installation, system, replacement and therefore executed by REESSE Solar, are order only, when you have:

9.1 Completed the RFI (Request For Information),

9.2 Completed the RFQ (Request For Quotation),

9.3 Accepted our Quotation,

9.4 Accepted our T&C Terms & Conditions

9.5 You finalized your payment,

9.6 As soon as your payment is received on our bank account, we send you an order confirmation. This will include a best estimate- or agreed delivery date.

9.7 For any project between customer and REESSE Solar, an installation-, commissioning- and operation date, needs to be agreed and formalized.

#10. To handle any business between you, our customers and our employees, we emphasize that a clear and a professional communication is the basis for all of us. Our goal is simple; happy and satisfied customers, because we need you as our ambassadors!

Shipping will take place as soon as your payment is received on our bank account. We can handle urgent shipping requests, in case products are in stock at our warehouse.

Please note: all prices, taxes, minimum quantity, core exchange, technical values may be subject of change, as written by the manufacturer. Battery deliveries within 24/48 hours are on request only and if they are on stock. Extra fee may apply. All shipping is F.O.B. (Free On Board) Vienna, Georgia.






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