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As soon as you understand, what is required to bring a PV-installation with a Power System, safe and reliable, up to code, into live, you will agree that a thoroughly inspection and a well engineered configuration is required to meet your expectation.

Basic keys are:

Did you ever consider, that saving on electricity might be a good attitude for the next generation? To teach a good attitude, we need to know your numbers of kWh you're consuming last year at least…

Although shade is good in the summer for your house, in the winter however, you could use some heat to lower your electricity bill isn't it? To receive as much as possible solar radiation, a spot facing south, with a clear opening to the sky from east to west looks ideal. In case there is not an ideal spot, we have to find compromises. With a shadow meter, it is possible to oversee possible obstructions and calculate optimal scenario's.

Survey costs

Tax, Travel and Lodging exclusive.

When you decide to order a PV-installation with a Power system, the initial survey costs will be deducted of your order.




When we put all the numbers together, we analyze different scenario's from financial and technical view.

It helps if we cap the budget up front, so we know where your limits are.

Although we work with a list of pre-engineered installations and systems, every site do have unique characteristics. Also, if you want to optimize your budget, we will figuring out for example;

Knowing the fact that we already configured, hundreds of systems before, we start always with a basic installation and system. For most of local authorities (city, fire dept.), utilities and some insurance companies, documentation and drawings are required. In case of a Build It Yourself installation and system, these documents are included.

All installations and systems are modular based and ready to grow.


Operations & Maintenance

Do you feel the free power coming in? The step to self sufficiency and electrical independency. The first months are always exciting, especially when your electricity bill comes in. As soon as you see the expected numbers, you feel confident. You're making money now; uh.. electricity.

The day you produce electricity, you want that your system keeps running. It is necessary to keep an eye on your production. Try to understand why production was low or high. Also, when you have the power stored into batteries, it will be obvious, that you keep your batteries in good condition.

After a while, when your PV-powered system becomes common, you may forget some maintenance. This is the point where REESSE SOLAR can come in.

We're able to monitor your system remotely and on location. We check via computers and compare with other systems in your area. If parameters are not met within the specifications, we will check your system. When battery temperatures increases too much, we will come and check your charging system.

With a maintenance contract, you'll extend the lifetime of your entire system.