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We are not just another company.

We design, engineer, integrate, build, sell and maintain integrity in the field of solar power.

A Renewable Energy system, like a Photo Voltaic is, will have a 20 years or more life span to produce electricity. For us does that mean, we have a long relationship with you as a client.

So to speak, to keep your energy delivered to your property, you need an integer PV-system integrator.

Our quality is coming from, high end expertise, 30 years experience and a thoroughly knowledge of engineering, building, operating and maintaining. in critical industries as; telecommunications, hospitals, manufacturers, banks, military offices and a diversity of business projects in the private sector.

We know how, to keep your PV-systems running, 24/24. In case of accidents, we will be there.

Since PV installations and systems need to be covered by USA standards and regulations, our people are trained by recommended organizations.

We are member of ASES (American Solar of Energy Society), do our education with NABCEP providers (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), and do our math with proven models of NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratorium).

As times are changing, fossil energy is not infinite available and for sure not, to everyone. Electricity prices did go up, not down.

Building a PV-installation means, that you take the responsibility to go for a clean environment.

Our business philosophy is to cooperate with strong and innovative partners. As in an ever evolving industry, like RE is, you want to be up-to-date, well educated and comply with standards and regulations.

It's up to us, to experience optimal technology for a competitive price, as your contribution for an ever cleaner planet.

In case there is any question left, drop us an email, so we're able to give you feedback.

Thanks, Team REESSE Solar

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We're located in Vienna, Georgia.

Close to I-75, but on HWY 41. Take exit 109, when you come from the south (2.5 miles) or exit 121 coming from the north (10 miles).

Do not be disappointed yourself. Give us a call up front, to pick up products, for a meeting or else.

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